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ORC Week 2 - Planning Mode

It's Week 2 of the Spring One Room Challenge! 

As a quick refresher, Theresa Butler Interiors is in the process of turning a bedroom into a vibrant and spacious area for a little girl. If you missed last week's update, you can catch up here.

This week, we are in planning mode. One of the main changes we're making is to the room's layout. Here's a look at the 'before' we're working with!

The room is currently equipped with a bunk bed, nightstand, chair, and dresser; however, we will be removing the bunkbed to make space for her new full-size bed and a desk where she can do her schoolwork. 

You can tell from the before images that the little girl already has her color palette picked out, and we want to honor her wishes. 

With the new furniture in mind, this is the plan we came up with. Literally! 

We can't wait to start clearing everything out next week and creating a blank canvas for the cute bedroom redesign. 

Make sure to check out our Instagram, and follow us to keep track of this amazing 8-week transformation to create the perfect girls' room!

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