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ORC Week 7 - Installation Day

Welcome to week 7 of the Spring One Room Challenge

Today is installation day, and we cannot wait to see everything come together after weeks of hard work and planning! 

For those who are just joining us, Theresa Butler Interiors is transforming a dull bedroom into a vibrant and spacious area for a young girl. We have been working on this project for eight weeks, and last week, we refurbished the client's furniture and finished making all of the accessories and decor that will be used in the room. If you want to learn more about our journey, please check out our previous posts.

The first task of the day was to lay down a large area rug since we were working from the ground up today. The carpeting covered most of the existing carpet and spanned the entire room, which is great because we meticulously selected a rug that would complement the new color scheme and add a cozy feel to the space.

Once the foundation was laid, we moved on to setting up the client's daughter's furniture and brand-new full-size bed. We were especially thrilled about this aspect of the redesign because we had reupholstered the bed to match the blue we used to repaint the nightstand, desk, and dresser last week. We took great care to ensure that the bed was sturdy and comfortable, and that the upholstery was smooth and wrinkle-free.

Throughout the past week, we also replaced the old ceiling fan with a stunning 6-bulb semi-flush light fixture in a gold finish. The new lighting fixture added the perfect touch of sophistication to the space, and the gold finish tied in beautifully with the other decor in the room. We spent a lot of time selecting the right fixture that would provide ample lighting while also serving as a statement piece in the room.

After installing all the furniture, we proceeded to add the accessories and make the bed. We carefully selected the pieces that would complement the new color scheme and add a touch of fun and vibrancy to the room. Once the bed was made, the bedroom transformed into the lively and vibrant sanctuary that we had envisioned when we first created our mood board in week one.

We're excited to continue working on this project and invite you to come back next week to see all the finishing touches. We're eager to share with you the finished results of the client's brand-new, fully transformed bedroom!

Check out our Instagram to learn more about our journey!

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