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Joining the One Room Challenge!

Updated: 7 days ago

It's Week 1 of the Spring One Room Challenge! 

Theresa Butler Interiors is joining the One Room Challenge! The ORC is a semi-annual event in which participants have 8 weeks to completely transform a room of their choosing. Each week, we share our progress using the weekly update page and see how other participants' projects are progressing while giving them support and encouragement. The One Room Challenge is not a competition but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas.

Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be transforming a little girl's bedroom. The goal? To turn her small, awkwardly shaped room into a brighter, more spacious area with storage solutions that will serve her for years to come.

The project involves several steps: 

  • Sourcing new furniture

  • Painting her existing dresser, desk, and nightstand

  • Wallpapering and painting the walls in a vibrant, cheerful color with complementary hues for the doors. 

  • Anchor the room with a playful and colorful area rug

  • Attach a fun new light fixture to enhance the space

  • Add the finishing touches with unique accessories

So, what's step one? Create a mood board that fits the little girl's style and personality to

design the best room possible for her needs. 

Mood board for the space

We want to include elements from her room that she owns, like the cool pink transparent acrylic chair and the funky animal posters. While also bringing new side tables, lighting fixtures, and bright colors into the space. 

Make sure to check out our Instagram, and follow us to keep track of this amazing 8-week transformation to create the perfect girls’ room!

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1 Comment

What a lucky little girl!!! I love the prints, so full of personality. I think this will be one of the happiest rooms ever!

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