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Transfusing the Past Into the Present

Updated: Jun 13

Guitarist-songwriter Robbie Robertson said, "You don't stumble upon your heritage. It is there, just waiting to be explored and shared." But the question is how. How does one infuse their culture into the design of their home or office? It's not that one is ashamed of one's heritage, but how do we tastefully incorporate and celebrate one's ancestry? 

Start your design journey by delving into your cultural heritage. Do some research, whether through the internet or by looking back at photos from your childhood. You'll be surprised at the wealth of themes and elements you can choose from to infuse into your design. 

Are there any vibrant colors or patterns that are significant to your culture? You can incorporate those through wallpaper, pillows, or paint. Or what about architectural instances and materials? Does your culture use a lot of wood or gold? Are there arches or intricate interior detailing? Incorporate them through hardware, cabinetry, doorways, or trim work. You can choose pieces by artisans and artists from your culture that speak to you. Or if you are not curious about the past and want to celebrate your family in the present, simple photos in beautiful frames showcased as a gallery on a wall can be an easy way to give honor. There are plenty of ways to incorporate your heritage into your space. And if you can't think of any, we would love to transform your space into one that uplifts your culture so you can share it.

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