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Your Home's Spring Spruce Up: Simple Yet Effective Upgrades to Seasonal Decor

Revitalizing your home's seasonal decor doesn't have to be overcomplicated or overly obvious. Thinking beyond typical store-bought seasonal decor can help you save while bringing the vibrant essence of Spring to life inside & outside of your home.

When the Spring cleaning bug hits your household, your mind probably goes straight to decluttering from all the holiday gifts that started piling up over the Winter months or pulling your Summer clothes out of storage and swapping your dark Winter solids out for colorful prints. In line with this approach, indoor Spring styling is all about making strategic swaps for a clean and airy look while embracing the blissful ambiance of the season! Look for subtle yet impactful changes where simple swaps can brighten a room - think updating your heavier fleece blankets to lighter knit throws and updating your throw pillow covers with a brighter Spring palette. Also remember Spring styling doesn't always just mean pastels & florals - think outside the box of traditional pastel Spring expectations and be bold with your use of color to bring out the natural brightness and airiness of your spaces. To make seasonal changes more cost effective, look for things you may already have like bringing lighter colored books to the forefront to replace your more serious-toned coffee table book, or swapping out your artwork to reflect the brighter season. Lastly, of course, is to utilize your garden blooms inside to enjoy the beauty of nature within your styling.

spring tulips in living room decor
add fresh flowers to your indoor spring decor

Don't forget to spruce up your front and back porches to improve your curb appeal as well! Simple refreshes like swapping tired window box planters with fresh florals or adding full potted planters to your front porch will effortlessly pull your home's style together. Welcome guests with inviting Spring-inspired floral wreaths or personalized doormats at the front door. Similarly to your indoor pillow refreshes, consider updating outdoor patio furniture pillows with a Spring color palette or infusing a pop of color to your back deck umbrella for a touch of whimsy.

Spring is the feel-good season of the year that breathes life back into our homes after cold and dreary winter months. These simple yet effective home styling upgrades will help ensure you soak up as much of Spring's seasonal charm as possible both inside and outside of your home.

Looking to do more than a simple Spring Spruce up? Contact us to learn more about our interior design services!

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