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ORC Week 4 - Wallpaper Day

It's week 4 of the Spring One Room Challenge

TBI is in the middle of transforming a bedroom into a vibrant and spacious area for a girl in 8 weeks. You can look at our past posts here if you want to know our game plan for the remaining 4 weeks.

The project is really starting to pick up this week because we are wallpapering the bedroom! Now, you may be asking yourself. "Why are you putting up wallpaper before you paint?" And that's an excellent question.

Traditionally, you would want to paint the walls before you start wallpapering so that you are not at risk of ruining the wallpaper. But we wanted to ensure the paint color complimented the colors in the wallpaper. We decided to hang it up first to guarantee the paint flattered the wallpaper with all the natural light seeping into the bedroom.

After an exciting hunt, we've found the perfect peel-and-stick wallpaper for the bedroom. We're absolutely thrilled with our choice as it injects much-needed visual interest and patterns into the room. It's a playful design that perfectly matches our client's daughter's personality. 

Because of the pattern, it was important that it was properly aligned. While only two of the walls got the wallpaper treatment, it took us about 2 and a half hours to install it. Here is a quick snippet of the installation process.

And here is how it all turned out! We love the look of the wallpaper and are amazed at how quickly the room has transformed into a little girl's room.

Check in next week to see the wall painting process and a fun detail element we decided to include in the room.

Let us know what you think of the wallpaper, and make sure to check out our Instagram.

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Your photos don't do the wallpaper justice now that I see it up close. Oh honey dear, I have new project for you inspired by Theresa Butler!!!! I want to wallpaper our guest room now.

Replying to

DO IT!!! Please share with us on Instagram @theresabutlerinteriors


So exciting! Love the wallpaper!

Juliette (AKA The Shady Gal)

Replying to

Thank you Juliette! We can't wait to share the final reveal! It's going to fun, playful and packed with beautiful colors! A little girls dream bedroom....we hope 😍

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