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ORC Week 3 - Creating A Blank Canvas

It's Week 3 of the Spring One Room Challenge! 

It's time to clear out the bedroom! If you don't know what I'm talking about, TBI is in the middle of transforming a bedroom into a vibrant and spacious area for a girl in 8 weeks.

You can look at our past posts here if you want to know our game plan for the remaining 5 weeks.

We took out all the furniture this week in preparation for wallpapering and painting the walls, which you will see in the coming weeks. 

With the blank walls, it the perfect time to mock up some renderings of what we envision the space eventually be.

Bedroom Rendering

Did you catch the paint swatch on the wall? Follow us to find out which paint we chose for this amazing transformation.

Also, make sure to check out our Instagram!

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2 comentários

That wallpaper is adorable! I love the funky choices for this little girls room. I'm so envious. She's going to want to show off her room to all her friends!

Respondendo a

The wallpaper was peel and stick and super easy to install! We are so glad that you're following along! We appreciate your support!!💗

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